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From the Cascade Mountains to the active Puget Sound, the greater Seattle & Eastside areas are renowned for their natural beauty and outstanding reputation to live, work and play. From rich cultural diversity to arts and culinary venues, they offer unlimited opportunities to experience & explore.  Whether you plan to live near scenic trails, in the colorful metropolis or in the rural beauty our area provides, I am here to respresent you in your transition.

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A Word from Jolene....

As a real estate professional, I subscribe to the highest ethical standard possible of uncompromising honesty and integrity.  I believe in always putting the client’s best interest ahead of the transaction or my personal interests.


I will consistently seek mutual trust, respect and loyalty with each client relationship, so that it develops into a rewarding experience and lifelong relations.  I believe in educating and counseling my clients and to give them the knowledge and understanding necessary to make wise decisions.


Through continuing education, training and hard work, I always strive for excellence among my peers & in myself.  As a Real Estate Broker with a successful portfolio, I am committed to providing the highest caliber of quality professional service that will satisfy you to such a degree that referral comes naturally.


My ultimate goal and objective in business is to have you consider me Your Personal Realtor for Life.


About Preview Group

Where dreams come home


The Preview Group Brand is the trusted source of innovative real estate solutions creating exceptional experiences for all we serve.

Seattle Housing Market

Welcome to The Preview Group Housing Market website, which includes helpful information for the Seattle area Real Estate Market. Instead of sorting them traditionally by region or price, these lists were created to suit people's interests and personalities.

These lists of Best Places to Live will allow you to explore different areas all across the country based on your personal preferences.

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