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A home is the largest, single investment many families will ever make.  It is an expression of personality & a statement of a multitude of personal values.  A home is the recognition of the tangible realities of income.  It shapes the life lived within it, allowing patterns of daily activity which demand some and prohibits some.  It can even influence our family structure.  The selection of a home involves many complex decisions, some personal, some financial.


The purchase of a home requires entering into a number of legally binding contracts.  The various steps undertaken should be clearly understood, for each commits one to certain obligations, as well as requiring others to meet obligations to you.  You need to know both your duties and rights, as well as the other parties.


You will need the skills, experience, expertise and knowledge of a real estate professional to help you through this complex process.  I am at each of my clients’ side throughout the entire home selling or buying process.  I am here to represent you and your best interest at all times, to negotiate your offer, to advise and counsel you on any questions you may have along the way.  I want your experience to be enjoyable and without pressure or anxiety and of course, without legal jeopardy.  It is a major decision in your life and should be treated with the care and respect it deserves.

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